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2020 Schedule of Retreats

2020 Retreat Schedule

To all who come:

The Guest House and Tolomei Center are our main source of income. We are very grateful to all who come here - either for an individual retreat or as a participant in a group/directed retreat. We have improved our facilities in recent years to better accommodate you - and we do hope you will have an enjoyable retreat experience with us. We cannot offer what many upscale Retreat Centers offer, but with God's help we will do our best to serve you as Jesus calls us to do.

I am very thankful that you chose to come and stay with us. For many of you it is a long trip to come to New Mexico - but I hope well worth it once you arrive in this beautiful valley in the Pecos Wilderness.

We have a very dedicated staff who work hard each day, and I thank them for all they do. May God bless you, and again, thank you for staying with us.

Fr. Aidan, OSB oliv (Abbot)

The Retreat Schedule:

January 2020
7-10 St. Michael's HS Kairos Retreat
10-12 New Life City Retreat
14-17 St. Michael's HS Kairos Retreat
31-Feb 1 - First United Presbyterian Church

February 2020

March 2020
6-8 St. John Vianney
13-15 Sacred Heart - Clovis

April 2020
2-5 Renewal and Wholeness Retreat
8-12 Holy Week Retreat
17-19 Divine Mercy
17-19 Central Church of Christ
20-23 Winton-Henry Retreat
24-26 Burtard Yoga Spring Retreat
27- May 1 Contemplative Spirituality Retreat

May 2020
01-03 Bootstraps of the Soul
17-23 Randall Hasson-Painting and Calligraphy
29-30 WayiN Retreat

June 2020
1-5 St. Anne's Prayer Group

July 2020
10-13 Mitchell Family Reunion
15-20 Tobi Clement - Building a Solid Foundation w Pastels
24 - Aug 2 - Rocky Mountain Insight

August 2020
2 - Rocky Mountain Insight
13-16 Veterans Return Home

September 2020
01-21 SUFI Taj Inayat Retreat
11-13 S-ANON
18-25 SF Vipassana Sanghe

October 2020
10/3 "A Night in Tuscany" the Annual Fundraiser Gala for the Monastery

16-18 CNMI_O_Anon
23-25 Holy Trinity Orthodox

November 2020

December 2020