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Superior's Message

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Peace to you and I trust you are all doing well. Fall is in the air - the trees and bushes and particularly the willows by the pond are beginning to change their colors - it is a beautiful sight to behold as nature takes its course and moves from summer to fall. The ducks are happy in the pond, the deer are making their usual early morning and evening walks around the meadow with their young, pretty soon they will be moving up to higher ground as they usually do for the winter.

We have had a busy few months in the guest house and this will continue well into November, and we are grateful for all those who come here. We dressed up the Dove patio with seating and flowers and I painted the statue of Mary - so it all looks very lovely and is being enjoyed by our guests. Thanks to Deacon Steve Rangal for donating the statue of Mary a couple of years ago - after a couple of winters she needed some TLC and now looks much better.

As I have mentioned on previous occasions, we are a small community, but we continue our Benedictine Monastic life fulfilling the call to follow the Lord, following the Rule of St. Benedict and doing our part for building up the body of Christ on earth in our simple life loving God.

We have so many people that come through here each year, and they feel so very much the presence of God, and are refreshed when they leave - so the Spirit of God is indeed alive and well, and we continue to spread the good news of the Gospel message of Our Lord.

When I go for a walk with my dog, Sophie, I often am reminded of my early years here. I wonder at how the time flies by as I get older, just like my mother said it would! I'm thankful that I grew up in the years that I did - life was so different back then. It was so natural to go for long walks in the country, hitch hiking/camping etc as a teenager and not worry - or at least my parents didn't worry. It all seemed to be so safe.

Growing up in the small village of Trefonen on the border of Wales was such a blessing. Indeed, as I look back over my life I can see how the Lord has blessed me in so many ways. Thank God for all He does...

May God bless you, and thank you for your generous support in so many ways.

In Christ,

Fr. Aidan, OSB oliv

In Christ, Abbot Aidan, OSB oliv