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Superior's Message

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Peace to you and I trust you are all doing well. When we reach this time of the year in the valley it becomes very evident that summer is on the wane. When I fist arrived here I remember Fr. Paul telling me that around the middle of August there is a significant change in the weather and the feel of the days, one can sense that summer is drawing to a close and fall will soon begin. It seems to be how it is here, and the nights very definitely are cooler than just a few weeks ago.
The monsoon season began at the beginning of July and we have received a significant amount of rain in the past month or so, and we thank God for that, and more is forecast. Everything is suddenly very green again, and the river is running higher and the fishing is good. Some of the locals are predicting a snowy winter so that would be good too.
Community continues to do well – and the seniors in particular are staying well. Br John jokes that he has two speeds – slow and stop! Marilyn Payer is still away on her home leave and is due back around the middle of the month. She will be busy helping me as we prepare for the Fundraising Gala on October 6th. I started this week to get some things in place, there’s a lot to do in planning such an event. The past two years were very successful and people seemed to enjoy themselves, particularly our locals who support us in so many ways.
Br Joseph flew to Seattle to attend his niece’s wedding – it’s rare that he goes away and he was looking forward to being there. Br Jacob took a few days away in Houston, I think he really enjoys going back to his home Sate of Texas. I am scheduled to make a visit to Italy in September – unless I can delay it for a few weeks and go in October.
The Pecos Valley Medical Center used the Dove facility to hold their ‘Pony Up’ Fundraiser Dinner – it was by invitation only and seemed to go very well. Frankie’s Restaurant in the village catered the food – a lovely roast beef dinner. It was a lovely evening, and as it turned out we didn’t have rain that night, so that allowed people to sit outside on the patio area and enjoy the evening.
We are very blessed to have the Medical Center in the village - and they serve people in the surrounding area who might not ordinarily be able to get to a Medical Center in Santa Fe at short notice. So,, we thank them for the presence in the village, and are grateful to all those who work there and are so committed to providing this much needed service.
Liturgically we are about half way through the year – still in Ordinary Time of course. I think it is so wonderful how the church has arranged our Liturgy – especially the Divine Office which we pray every day of the year. Praying the monastic office becomes such a part of our life, and as I’ve mentioned before, those of you who pray the office at home unite yourselves with the church worldwide in prayer. Those of you who own a breviary – no matter where you go, unite yourselves with the entire church as she prays.
I hope that your remaining days of summer will be blessed, and as Schools start, let’s pray for all of our young people. As the begin classes…

May God bless you, and thank you for all you do for us in so many ways.

In Christ,

Fr. Aidan, OSB oliv

In Christ, Abbot Aidan, OSB oliv