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Superior's Message

Dear Friends, peace to you and I hope you are doing well. Happy Easter!

It hardly seems that we passed through our Lenten period and Holy Week already - and we we are in the Easter Season. I was talking to someone on Easter Sunday and he said that for him, Lent seemed to last only three weeks and he wasn't quite ready for Easter Sunday to be here so soon!

But here we are celebrating with the entire church the Resurrection of Jesus from the tomb. We had a beautiful Holy Week here with a small group of people who were present for the Holy Week retreat which was offered by our monastic community. It went very well, and I am grateful to those who participated. Our Liturgies were very calm, peaceful, holy and reverent - the Easter Vigil Mass was well attended and it was so lovely to come together and sing Alleluia! Our monastic chapel was filled with the spirit of the Lord, and it truly was a beautiful Easter night.

Hints of spring are making themselves present around the property with buds on the tress and new shoots of grass appearing in the meadow and on the trails. The swallows have not come back yet but they should be here quite soon - it's always a joy to watch them as they build their nests for their family. The river is running low because we have had very little snow or rain - so we continue to pray for rain to help us through the summer months.

I pray that you are enjoying these Easter days, and we thank you for all you do for us. You were remembered in all the Liturgies of Holy Week and Easter Sunday Mass.

May God bless you and reward you,

In Christ, Abbot Aidan, OSB oliv