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Superior's Message

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Happy New Year to you all. I hope your Christmas was blessed in many unexpected ways and I pray the that New Year will be a year of peace and joy in the knowledge and love of God. You were remembered in our Christmas masses, and we thank you for all you do for us as a community.

Our Advent Season and Christmas were especially peaceful this year, our Liturgies were very sacred, reverent and holy and were well attended by many from the village of Pecos and beyond. The "Posadas" on December 16th was as lovely as it usually is, we probably had about 100 people from the village, many of whom come year after year, and the food of course was good too. The locals were complimenting our cook, Susan, on how well she has adjusted to cooking traditional New Mexico favorites.

As has become a custom at the Abbey now, the children who attended the 1st Sunday of Advent Mass filled out their christmas gift request slips and gave them to Fr. Aidan (AKA Santa Claus), and on Christmas Day I gave out the gifts from under the Christmas tree to the children at the end of Mass. It was a lot of fun, and made our Christmas for us.

The weather continues to be unusually warm for this time of the year. We really do need moisture - rain or snow, either one will be fine Lord - this is our prayer! The night time temperatures of course drop considerably, so we are grateful to all of you who have helped us with our annual winter utility appeal to keep the old furnace fired up.

The Seniors continue to do well, they have their ups and downs and various health issues, but for the most part they are up and about every day. Br John continues to remind us that he is 'past his sell by date', but at 91 he continues to surprise us all be his twice weekly visits to the gym! Sr Helen is doing fine, she never seems to age - we thank her for all that she does here.

Please continue to pray for vocations, and for God's will to unfold for us all as we begin a new year in His service and for building up the Kingdom of God on earth.

And for those of you who ask, yes, you can still send your prayer requests to the email address. I am the one responsible for making sure they are posted on the prayer board and remembered at our monastic daily prayer. May God bless you and reward you...

Abbot Aidan, OSB oliv