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give online Our Monastery Gift Shop is now online. Welcome one and all!
The Gift Shop now has new items and has been rearranged. Expect updates and new pictures in the near future.

For more information or if you want to make a purchase for what we have online, email us at or call us at 1 (505) 757-2292 ext. 201

Our hours are now Wednesday-Saturday 9:00-3:00 (with lunch break between 12:30-1:00).

Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey Gift Ship

Here we have our handmade Soaps and Immaculate Waters Bath Bombs. Flavors and prices listed below.

Bath Bombs $5:

Soaps $7:
Tea Tree Oil
Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil
Lavender and Tea Tree Oil
French Vanilla

This is our section dedicated to St. Benedict. Prices listed below.

St. Benedict Door Hanger: $18
St. Benedict Beaded Doorhanger: $10
Blessed Virgin Mary Door Hanger: $15
St. Benedict Medals: $0.25-$2 (depends on size and type similar to coins, comes in silver or gold)
St. Benedict Crucifix Necklace: $15
St. Benedict Earrings (Both short and long): $6
St. Benedict Bracelet: $4 (small), $8 (Large)
St. Benedict Key Hanger: $30
St. Benedict Rosaries: $8
St. Benedict Bracelet: $5, $6, $12
St. Benedict Car Rosary: $6
St. Benedict Medal Magnet: $8
St. Benedict Rosary Pouch: $8
St. Benedict Rosary box: $15
St. Benedict plaque (Large): $75
St. Benedict plague (Small): $50
St. Benedict Prayer Card + Small Statue: $5
St. Benedict Rosary finger: $1
St. Benedict scapular: $4
St. Benedict Rosary cross: $0.50
St. Benedict medal Necklace: $20
St. Benedict 6" Statue: $5
St. Benedict Journal: $10
St. Benedict Notebook: $3
St. Benedict Scapular: $4 (without medal), $8 (with medal)

This Table has all the items for traveling or gifts for certain jobs such as Police or Teachers

Laughing Jesus Picture: $5
Mary and Jesus Card: $0.25
Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Card: $0.25
Jesus Prayer Card (small): $0.50
Jesus Prayer Card (large): $1
Small Print Painting of Mary and Baby Jesus: $1
Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Card: $0.25
Our Lady of Guadalupe Prints, large and no frame: $12
Sacred Heart of Jesus Picture (with message translated in Spanish): $3
Children's Rosary Bracelet: $5
My 1st Rosary: $5
Saints Bracelet: $3
My First Scapular: $5
Bracelet: $2
Angel Statue: $8
Crib Medal: $6
Block Cross: $8
Child of God Door Hanger (Rabbit/Penguin/Teddy): $10
Catholic Book of Prayers for Children: $4
My First Prayer Book: $4
Happy Birthday, My Christmas Child: $9
I am God's Storyteller: $18
Mini Saints Activity Book: $0.50
Hail Mary Wall Hanger: $5
Hold My Hand, God Wall Hanger: $20
Rosary for Children Booklet: $0.50

This table consists of Crosses, Crucifixes, Pictures, and other Misc. for your home.

Small Plague with Stand: $10


Our Family, small wood: $15
God Bless, large wood: $13
Gather Together, large wood: $20
Faith Looks Up, large wood: $20
We Will Serve The Lord, large wood: $20
Glass Cross Joyful Spirit: $30


Metal, medium gold: $35
Wood, large: $30
Ceramic, large: $40

All Last Supper plagues: $40

Pictures for the Wall

Marriage Prayers: $20
Christ Head of the Household: $10
All That Matters Comes From Above: $35


Bracelets: $10
Holy Mother Earrings: $5
Homemade Rosaries, large: $3 (Colors Include Black, Hunter Green, Forest Green, White, Grey, Blue, Tan, Red, Burgundy, and Brown)

This Table has All Kinds of Jewelry, Some are Handmade and Donated


On Rack: $5 (Top Row), $7 (Middle Row), $10 (Bottom Row)
Rosary (Handmade): $15
Rainbow Rubber: $5
Keychains and Adjustable: $5
Beaded: $14-$16
Leather: $10
Lumen Mundi (Silver): $6

Donated Pins and Necklaces: $1-$5
Medals (Miraculous Mary, St. Joseph, O Mary Conceived Without Sin (Small and Large), St. Michael, Santo Nino de Atocha/Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Francis/St. Anthony, Holy Family/Holy Spirit, 4 Saints Cross, St. Christopher, St. Therese): $0.50, $0.75, $1
Chains (16" and 20"): $2
Silver Sterling Necklaces and Rosaries: $20-$74

Mugs: $12

Call or email us for what kind of mugs. We have mugs towards family, friends, and encouraging messages all for $10. We also have mugs dedicated to your father on Father's Day. Some of the mugs also have their own coaster lids at no extra charge.

This section contains blank journals, pens, and the Marriage Prayer.

Blank Journals (Large) $5-$10:
St. Joseph Cover $10
Immaculate Conception Cover $10
Our Lady of Guadalupe Cover $10
Benedictine Cover $10
"You are a blessing." Cover $5

Hand Journals (Different Covers listed below, all at the same price): $3

You are beautiful (Psalm 139:14), precious (Proverbs 31:10), and chosen (John 15:16).
"The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in His goodness, sends to us day after day." (St. Gianna Beretta Molla)
Count Your Blessings

Pens (Different types listed below): 4$-$5

St. Joseph Measuring Pen + Bookmark ($5)
Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry ($5)
Nativity Pen ($5)
Jewel Encased Pen; comes in grey, red, and green ($5)
Regular Pen with case ($4)

Marriage Prayer Picture ($20)

This table has a selection of Crystals, Body Care, Advent/Christmas, and other essentials.

Immaculate Waters Body Lotion and Bath Showers (Flavors include Rose, Lavender, and Unscented): $10
Magnets: $2
Decals (Benedict Medals, Sacred Heart of Jesus, or St. Joseph): $10
Rosary: $6
Glow in the Dark Rosary: $0.25
Rosaries with Boxes: $8, $10, $12, $15
Thumb Rosary (wood or stainless steel): $1
Scapular: $1, $5, $6
Healing Stones: $5
Door Knob/Hangar Cross + Picture: $18

1 Standing Flower made of silver gold: $15
2 Med. Flower $12
3 Silver Flower Pot: $12
3 Gold Flower Pot: $12
Sm. Gold or Silver Flower: $10
High Heel: $8
Butterfly: $10
Dragonfly: $10

Rosary Pouch: $4, $12
Fan: $4, $7
Dog and Cat Medals: $4
Large Animal Medal: $5
Chains (Gold and Silver, short and long, and with or without clasp): $2

3-pack Ornaments: $7
Advent Candle Holder, round: $40
Advent Candle Holder, straight line: $30
Candy Cane Ornament: $0.75
Nativity Statue: $5 (We have lots of these)
Nativity Arch with LED lighting: $20
Nativity Scene, small brown glass: $10
Nativity Ornament: $5
Holy Family with LED lighting: $20
Angel Ornament: $10
Glass Angel Ornament (red, green, blue, brown, purple, and orange): $10
Christmas Wall Pictures with Message (Merry and Bright, Glory to God, and Happy Holidays): $3
Christmas Ornament (wall or tree): $5
Christmas Prayer Picture: $18
All is Bright wall picture: $0.75
Wooden Christmas Ornament: $4

This table has a selection of statues, printed art, and medals (prices listed below)

Small Candles: $2

Statue prices listed below:

Sacred Heart Statue: $80
St. Jude: $10
St. Joseph, small: $5
St. Joseph, big: $20
Jesus the Good Shepherd: $20
Immaculate Heart of Mary and other statues of Mary: $50

Holy Water Fonts: $5, $10, $15, $20, $25
Holy Water Bottles: $3, $5

Angel Statues (Wood or Tin): $15, $20, $30, $40, $50

Printed Artwork: $1, $2, $10, $20, $30, $50

Afghans (knitted blankets): $45
Scarf: $6
Knitted Prayer Shawl: $35

Gift Baskets Prices Listed Below

St. Michael sweatshirt: $10
Bibs for Girls: $10
Basic Gardening Tools (hand shovel, gloves, etc): $15

Medals: $0.50, $1, $2

Sr. Catherine Doll: $50

Baby and Children Items and Books


Happy Birthday Christmas Child by Laura Sausi: $9
The Dot We Call Home by Laura Alery: $18
St. Francis and the Animals by Phil Gallery: $18
Look and Learn Words for Catholic Kids by Casey Pawelek: $18
Wolf! Wolf! Children's Playbook by Caroline Rackley: $10
Mother and Child ever ancient ever new by Christine Granger: $19
A Happy Child of God, A Baby Record Book by Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J.: $10

Hail Mary Picture: $5
Baptism Crib Medal: $10
Baby Gift Ornament: $7
Lessons From a Llama plague: $20
Hold My Hand, God plague: $20
Be a Butterfly plague: $20
Children's Rosary (Blue or Pink): $3
Rosary Booklet for Children: $0.75
Crib Medals: $9
Baptism Bibs: $10
Purificators: $10
Rosary + Box: $3
Baptism Cross: $15, $20

This section has our traveling essentials.

Patron Saint Magnets: $3
Magnetic Plaques: $3

Novena Booklets: $3 (Including Guardian Angel, Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Holy Family, Our Lady of Lourdes, Divine Mercy, Infant of Prague, Sacred Heart, Holy Spirit, St. Gerard, St. Anne, St. Pio, St. Anthony, St. Peregrine, St. Patrick, St. Michael, and St. Jude).

Cards and Bookmarks:

Prayer Cards: $0.30
Protected Bookmarks: $1
Bookmarks: $0.25

Traveling Booklets

Healing Prayer booklets: $2
El Pan de Cada Dia: ($12)
Pocket Prayer book (large): $6
Our Lady's Rosary Novena: $8
Sacred Heart of Jesus (Espanol): $2
El Santo Rosario Ilustrado (small): $2
El Santo Rosario Ilustrado (large): $5


Divine Mercy (Large): $2
Divine Mercy (Small): $0.25
Mother and Child Picture: $3
Mother and Child (Small): $0.25
Jesus (small): $0.25
Jesus (medium): $1
Laughing Jesus: $4
Bumper Stickers (God is Love) (One World Under God): $1

This wall has our cutting boards. Prices listed between $20-$25.

Rosaries ($4, $5, $6, $10, $20), Measuring Spoons ($14), and Tote Bags ($4)

Here we have Bracelets ($12) and Car Rosaries ($10).

Here we have Water Bottles and Father's Day Gifts

Water Bottles

Ice Filtered: $7
Straw: $5

Dip Mix: $3 (Sweet or Spicy)

Father's Day Gifts

Flashlight With St. Joseph Prayer Card: $5
Man of God Pen: $5
Prayer Bookmark: $0.50
Pocket Knife: $5
Mugs with Coasters: $10
Large Mugs: $15

Bells, Children's Tote bags, Graduation, and Confirmation


Picture Frame: $18
Cross: $20


Gift Set: $25
Cross: $15, $20
Symbols for Chain: $6
Necklace: $8
Bracelet: $8

Kids Tote Bags: $6

Rose or Silver Angels Bells
Large Bells (8"): $20
Medium Bells (6"): $15
Small Bells (4"): $10

These shelves contain columns pertaining to 1st Communion

1st Communion

Gift Set (boy or girl): $10
Stuffed Bear: $10
Bracelet, 1st Reconciliation: $3
Bracelet, 1st Communion: $5
1st Communion Giftset: $15
Rosary Pouches: $4
Rosary (Boy or Girl): $10
Gift Bags with Cards and Tissue: $5


Symbol for Garden: $10
Heart Pin: $10
Metal Rock Shape for Garden: $24

These Pictures shown here are Works of Art Either Printed or Donated

Prices Range from $10, $25, $50, $80, $90, $100

Books of various kinds including spiritual guidance, inspiration, and learning

1st Bookshelf, 1st Shelf

Spirituality for Everyday Living by Brian C. Taylor: $12
Prayer and Community by Columba Stewart, OSB: $18
Blessings of St. Benedict by John Michael Talbot: $16
How to Live St. Benedict Teach Us by Judith Valente: $17
Heart Whispers Benedictine Wisdom by Elizabeth J. Canham: $12
Listen My Son St. Benedict by Dwight Longenecker: $28
St. Bernard Tolomei by St. Mary of Monte Oliveto: $17
A Study Guide for Joseph Ratzinger's (Pope Benedict XVI): $8 for soft copy, $18 for hard copy
Pope Benedict XVI: Jesus of Nazareth by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger: $16
Mere Spirituality/The Spirituality Life by Will Hernandez: $17
The Return of the Prodigal Son by Hemi J.M. Nouwen: $16
Holy Thirst, Essentials of Carmelite Spirituality by Paraclete Press, Foreward by Adam Bucko: $19
With Christ The Gospel of Guidance of Saint Benedict by Jean Francois Baudoz: $8
Seeking His Mind, 40 Meetings with Christ by M. Basil Pennington, OCSO: $17

2nd Shelf

Catholic Update by Franciscan Media: $6
Abba, My Dad by Luis M. Bermejo, S.J.: $10
Our Daily Bread by Ralph Wright, OSB: $11
Downtown Monks by Albert Holtz, OSB: $11
Loaves and Fishes by Joseph D. Ciezinski: $13
Strangers to the City by Michael Casey (Monk of Tarrawarra): $17
Against An Infinite Horizon by Ronald Rolheiser: $17
Stability by Nathan Oates: $17
I Told My Soul to Sing by Kristin LeMay: $18
Work of God Benedict Prayer (Hard Copy) by Judith Sutera, OSB: $35
God, Grace, and Horses by Laurie M. Brock: $18
The Jesus Prayer by Frederica Mathewes-Green: $18
The Awakened Heart by Gerald G. May, M.D.: $18
The Relentless Tenderness by Brennan Manning: $13
A Good Life, Benedict's Guide to Everyday Joy by Robert Benson: $10
A Deep and Subtle Joy by Luke Bell, OSB: $16
The Power of Love by Fr. Emile Briere: $12
Lead Like a Monk by Anselm GrĂ¼n: $12
The Rule of St. Benedict in English (Soft Cover) by Timothy Fry, OSB: $5
The Benedictine Book Handbook (Hard Cover): $25
Day by Day Saint Benedict by Terrence G. Kardong: $25
The Throne, The Lamb, and The Dragon Reader's Guide to the Book of Revelation by Paul Spilsbury: $16

3rd Shelf

Centered On Christ A Guide to Monastic Profession by Augustine Roberts, OCSO: $35
Illuminated Life by Joan Chittister: $17
Seek After Peace and Pursue It by Leigh Taylor, OBL OSB: $8
Seeking God the Way of St. Benedict by Esther DeWaal: $13
Seeking His Mind by M. Basil Pennington, OCSO: $17
Preferring Christ by Norvene Vest: $20
The Gift of Peace by Joseph Cardinal Bernadin (Soft Cover): $14
The Gift of Peace by Joseph Cardinal Bernadin (Hard Cover): $18
Only Love Creates the Spiritual Works of Mercy by Fr. Fabio Rosini: $15
The Sign of the Cross by Andreas Andreopoulos: $18
The Rule of St. Benedict (St. Benedict of Nursia) by Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove: $18
Christ (The Ideal of a Monk) by Abbot Columba Marmion, OSB: $17
Cave Refectory Road by Ian Adams: $15
The Long Loneliness by Dorothy Day: $10
Fragments of My Life, a Memoir by Catherine Doherty: $13

4th shelf

Wisdom From the Monastery by Patrick Barry, Richard Yeo, Kathleen Norris, and others: $16
Lovers of the Place Monasticism Loose in the Church by Francis Kline: $12
How to be a Monastic and Not Leave Your Day Job by Brother Benet Tvedten: $16
The Universal Monk, The Ways of New Monasteries by John Michael Talbot: $20
Finding the Monk Within Great Monastic Values for Today by Edward C. Sellner: $24
Centered on Christ, A Guide Monastic Profession by Augustine Roberts, OCSO: $24
Fairy Tales and The Kingdom of God by Allen Whitman: $5
Hospitality, The Heart of Spiritual Direction by Lesley A. Hay: $18
Oblation, Meditations on St. Benedict Rules by Rachel M. Srubas: $17
The Monastics Hours by Anne M. Field: $8
Forth and Abroad, Still Mary on Land and by Sea by Mother Mary Francis, PCC: $6
Ruthless Trust, The Ragamuffin's Path to God by Brennan Manning: $15
The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris: $16
A Path to Hope by James P. Lisante: $7

5th Shelf

Pure Simple Cookbook by Brother Nicholas from Pecos: $10
Satisfy Your Soul by Dr. Bruce Demarest: $17
Caremind/Care of the Spirit by Gerald G. May, M.D.: $15
The Relational Soul by Richard Plass/James Cofield: $17
Seasons of Your Heart by Macrina Wiederkehr: $14
Forgive for God by Dr. Fred Luskin: $17
Heart Peace by Adolfo Quezada: $10
Forgiven and Set Free for Women by Linda Cochrane: $5
Inner Compass, An Invitation to Ignation Spirituality by Margaret Silf: $15
Boundaries, Where You end and I Begin by Anne Katherine, M.A.: $15
Living Your Unlived Life by Robert A. Johnson and Jerry M. Ruhl, Ph. D.: $17
A short Dictionary of the Psalms by Jean-Pierre Prevost: $10

2nd Bookshelf, 1st Shelf

Glimpses of Grace, Daily Thoughts and Reflections by Madeline L. Engle: $10
Grace in Every Season by Catherine Doherty: $15
Living Each Day by the Power of Faith by Barbara Shelmon Ryan: $9
One Like Jesus, Conversations on the Single Life by Debra K. Farrington: $7
Toward God, the Ancient Wisdom of Western Prayer by Michael Casey: $13
God and You, Prayers as a personal Relationship by William A Barry, S.J.: $7
Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom: $9
The Loving Search for God by William A Meninger: $10
Praying With Francis De Sales by Thomas F. Daily: $12
Praying With Elizabeth Seton by Margaret Alderman/Josephine Burns: $12
Praying With Dominic by Michael Monshay: $12
Conversing With God in Scripture by Stephen J. Binz: $13
How to Pray with the Bible by Karla A Schultz: $10
Renewing the Ancient Practice of Praying the Scripture by M. Basil Pennington: $17
From God's Word to Our Own Lives by Enzo Bianchi: $17
Sacred Reading by Michael Casey: $13
Listening Prayer by Leanne Payne: $17
All Manner of Things by William Meninger, OSCO: $10
Fully Human, Fully Divine by Michael Casey: $20

2nd Shelf

The St. Therese of Liseaux Prayer Book by Vinita HamptonWright: $10
Christian Meditation, Your Daily Practice by Laurence Freeman, OSB: $3
Centering Prayer, Renewing an Ancient Christian Prayer Form by M., Basil Pennington: $15
Too Deep for Words by Thelma Hall, R.C.: $10
Christian Meditation, the Gethsemani Talks by John Main: $9
The Contemplative Way of Prayer, Deepening Your Life with God by Robert Faricy, S.J. and Lucy Rooney, S.N.D.: $6
Prayers for Beginners by Peter Kreeft: $10
Doors into Prayer, an Invitation by Emilie Griffin: $14
An Invitation to Centering Prayer by M. Basil Pennington, O.C.S.O.: $8
Penance, Contemplation, and Service by Patrick Madigan: $15
The Heart of Creation by John Main: $11
Word Made Flesh by John Main: $10
Praying, Following with the Jesus Church. Daily, Hourly, and Today by Scot McKnight: $19
Loving a Passionate God, A Retreat with Jessica Powers by Robert F. Morneau: $8
Creating a Life with God by Daniel Wolpert: $10
Nothing is Impossible with God by John Michael Talbot: $15
Christian Living Today, Meditations by Chiara Lubich: $10
True Prayer by Kenneth Leecht: $18
Spiritual Masters by Archbishop Alfred C. Hughes: $10
The Grace of Outpouring, Blessing Others through Prayers by Roy Godwin and Davis Roberts: $13
Pilgrim (You Find a Path by Walking) by Jeanne Murray Walker: $18
Opening to God, A Guide to Prayer by Thomas H. Green, S.J.: $6
Thoughts Matter by Mary Margaret Funk: $11
Our Greatest Gift, A Meditation on Dying and Caring by Henri Nouwen: $14
Your Word, O Lord, Meditation for College Students and Anyone Else by Cornellius Buckley, S.J.: $7
Unabridged Christianity by Fr. Mario P. Romero: $17

3rd Shelf

Grace on the Journey of God by Michael Casey: $17
Echos of Eternity, Quiet Your Heart and Listen by Hai M. Helms: $16
Divine Intimacy, Celebration of Prayer and Joy of Christian Life by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.O.: $10
Short Trip to the Edge, A Pilgrimage to Prayer by Scott Cairns: $17
Practice Holiness, Pope Francis Companion by Albert Haase, OFM: $16
Simple Truths, Thinking Through Life by Bl. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: $15
The St. Francis Holy Fool Prayerbook by Jon M. Sweeny: $17
Echos of Eternity, Listening to the Father Vol#1 by Hai M. Helms: $16
Henri Nouwen and Soul Care by Wil Hernandez: $15
Henri Nouwen, A Spirituality of Imperfection: $17

4th Shelf

From Brokenness to Community by Jason Vanier: $7
Scripture Day by Day by Bart Tesoriero: $12
Concerning Spiritual Gifts by Donald Gee: $5
Essential Mystic Prayers by the Paraclete Press: $11
The Fire Within Desire, Sexuality, Longing, and God by Ronald Rolheiser: $16
Tools Matter, Beginning the Spiritual Journey by Mary Margaret Funk: $19
Praying With Mary by Mary Ford-Grabowsky: $5
How Does He Love Me by Brad Lussier: $4
Centering Prayer by Brian D. Russell: $18

5th Shelf

The Open Door, Entering the Sanctuary of Icons and Prayer by Fredrica Mathewes-Green: $17
Will the Real Apostolic Church Please Stand Up by Dr. Bob Rice: $5
Ever Bloom, Stories of Living Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives by Shayne Moore and Margaret Ann Phillbrick: $18
Christian Initiation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Kiliam McDonnell and George T. Montaque: $31

3rd and 4th Bookshelves containing Prayer Books, Stories, and Spiritual Guidance

3rd Bookshelf, 1st Shelf

This Heavy Silence by Nicole Mazzarella: $19
This is my Beloved Son by Andreas Andreopoulos: $10
An Inner Step Towards God by Fr. Alexander Men: $20
Celtic Crossing by Len Mattano: $18
Chasing Manhatten by John Gray: $22
Bread for the Journey, a Daybook of Wisdom and Faith by Henri J.M Nouwen: $22
New Seeds Pocket Classics by Thomas Merton: $9
Rediscover Catholicism, A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion and Purpose by Matthew Kelly: $18

2nd Shelf

One Great Love (Poems and Prayers) by the Paraclete Press: $22
Manchester Christmas (Hard Cover) by John Gray: $22
Manchester Christmas (Soft Cover) by John Gray: $17
Mr. Nicholas, A Magical Christmas Tale by Christopher De Vinck: $20
A Christmas Story, Margaret's Night in St. Peter's by Jon M. Sweeney: $11
Three Wise Women, 40 Devotions Celebrating Advent with Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna by Dandi Daley Mackall: $19

3rd Shelf

Another Brush with God by Peter Pearson: $28
Real Presence bySister Wendy Beckett, : $25
Praying in Color, Drawing a New Path to God by Sybil MacBeth: $18
Against the Wind, Courageous Apache Women by John P. McWilliams: $14
The Art of St. John's Bible by Susan Sink: $15
Accidental Grace, Prayers and Psalms by Rami M. Shapiro: $22
The New Life in Spirit, Seminars Team Manual by Theresa Boucher: $10
Follow Jesus, a Disciples Guide to Discerning God's Will by John J. Boucher: $10
Icon and Saints of Eastern Orthodox Church by Alfredo Tradigo: $20
Gold in Memories, Sacred Moments and Glimpses of God by Marina Wiederkehr: $13
All Generations Will Call Me Blessed by Jim McManus: $17
Faith Can Give Us Wings, The Art of Letting Go by Notker Wolf: $9
A Grace, A Challenge, and A Mission compiled by Sister Nancy Kellar, S.C.: $8
Encontrando Sanacion en 105 Pasajes Dificiles de la Bablia by Matthew, Shelia Fabricant, and Dennis Linn: $8
Following in the Footsteps of Christ by C. Arnold Snyder: $16
Heavenly Treasure by Robert Abel: $4
Evangelization, A Challenge for the Church: $1
What the Catholic Faithful Can Do by Gerard Morrissey: $4
A Kingdom of Saints by Larry Frank: $9

4th Shelf

Reading the World Through the Living Word (Franciscan Lectio) by Fr. Don Riley with Stephen Copeland: $22
Heaven Changes Everything (Hard Cover) by Todd and Sonja Burpo: $16
Heaven Changes Everything (Soft Cover) by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent: $10
I Told My Soul to Sing by Kristen Lemay: $18
The St. Francis Prayer Book by Jon M. Sweeney: $17
An Advent Book of Day by Gregory Kenneth Cameron: $17
A Year of Mercy with Pope Francis, Daily Reflection (Author Unknown): $17
Family Life by Pope Francis: $15
The Medicine of Mercy, Pope John XXII by Massimo Faggioli: $13
Opening the Windows to Wisdom, Pope John XXII by Alfred McBride O'Praem: $10
I Ask You to Pray for Me by Pope Francis: $13
Go to Galilee, The Spiritual Geography of the Gospels by Virginia Marie Butler, O.P.: $10
Your Light Gives Us Hope, 24 Daily Prayers for Advent by Anselm Griin: $20
Hunger for the World, Lectionary Reflections on Food and Justice, Year C by Larry Hollar: $20

4th Bookshelf, 1st Shelf

The Classic of Western Spirituality by John Cassian: $22
Fire Within by St. Teresa of Avila: $22
The Ignation Adventure by Kevin O'Brien, S.J.: $15
The Roots of Christian Mysticism 2nd Edition by Oliver Clement: $30
Letters of St. Theresa of Lisieux Vol. II by John Clark: $25
The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila Vol. 3 by Kieran Kavanaugh O.C.D.: $16
The Complete Works Vol. 1 by Sr. Elizabeth of the Trinity: $16
Three Simple Men & Holy Folktales by Jon M. Sweeney: $18
Revelations and Visions by Augustine Paulain, S.J.: $10
Ascent of Mount Carmel by Claudia Mair Burney: $17
Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius of Loyola by Anthony Mottola, Ph. D. and Robert W. Gleason, S.J.: $14
Inviting God In by Joyce Rupp: $13
Mary Coredemptrix Mediatrix Advocate by Mark I. Miraville, S.T.D.: $9
Finding God in All Things by William A. Berry, S.J.: $14
Word Into Silence by John Main: $10
Praying the Holy Scriptures by M. Basil Pennington, O.C.S.O.: $4
The Wisdom of the Desert Father and Mother by Johnathan-Wilson Hartgrove: $15

2nd Shelf

Healing Christianity by Morton Kelsey: $20
By the Way of Grace by Paula Huston: $20
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: $10
Time Out to Journey Through The Bible 40 Days with God by Kent Hickey: $19
Love in the Time of the Coronavirus, a Pandemic Pilgrimage by Angela Alamo O'Donnell: $10
Inner Work, Using Dreams and Active Imagination by Robert Johnson: $17
We need Each Other, Responding to God's Call to Live with Each Other by Jean Vanier (Hard Cover): $20
We Need Each Other, Responding to God's Call to Live with Each Other by Jean Vanier (Soft Cover): $15
Toward Purity of Heart by Mary Margaret Funk: $19
The Wounded Healer by Henri J.M. Nouwen: $12
The Wounded Healer Ministry in Contemporary Society by Henri J.M. Nouwen: $14
Former Protestant Pastor Speaks Out on the Holy Eucharist by Dr. Bob Rice: $5
God, Where Are You? Practical Answers to Spiritual Questions by Enzo Biachi: $17

3rd Shelf

Healing by Francis MacNutt, Ph. D.: $18
The Healing Rewaking, Reclaiming Our Lost Heritage by Francis MacNutt, Ph. D.: $18
Healing Family by Fr. Jerome F. Bevilacqua, OSA: $25
The Inner Child in Dreams by Kathrin Asper: $18
The Dog in the Dentist Chair, True Stories that Animals Help Children by Peggy Frezon: $17
New and Selected Poems, IONA by Kenneth Steven: $19
The Ten Commandments by Bart Teroriero: $3
Catholic Family Prayers by The Paraclete Press: $12
365 Daily Reading/My Year with the Saints by Peter Celano: $17
Can You Drink the Cup by Henri J.M. Nouwen: $13
Holy Moments, A Handbook for the Rest of Your Life by Matthew Kelly: $8

4th Shelf

The Complete Francis of Assisi by Jon M. Sweeney: $30
The City is My Monastery by Ricard Carter: $20
Flying Yellow/New and Selected Poems by Suzanne Underwood Rhodes: $19
A Life Together/Wisdom of Community from the Christian by Bishop Seraphim Sigrist: $16

5th Shelf

A Place For Baptism by Regina Kuehn: $16
Billy Graham by Lou Allison: $22 (Hard Copy), $15 (Soft Copy)
Henri Nouwen and Spiritual Polarities, A Life of Tension by Wil Hernandez: $17
Praying Our Goodbye, a Spiritual Companion Through Life's Losses and Sorrows by Joyce Rupp: $17
Hammer and Fire by Fr. Raphael Simon, O.C.S.O., M.D.: $16
Living in the Spirit of Christ by Johannes Hofinger, S.J.: $4
The Last Journal of Julie of Norwich, Lady at the Window by Robert Waldron: $17
Gather in the Word by Norvene Vest: $10
New Testament, the Great Themes of Scripture by Richard Rohr and John Feister: $15
Jesus Plan For a New World by Richard Rohr and John Feister: $17
Healing the Child Within by Charles L. Whitefield, M.D.: $15
Bringing Prayer Meeting to Life by Fr. Chris Aridas and John Boucher: $10
Yahweh Calls, Faith Stories Ages 11-14 by Mary Cummins Wlodarski: $8
Seven Story Mountains, An Autobiography by Thomas Merton: $17
Margaret's First Holy Week by Jon M. Sweeney: $10
Love Must Win Out Oscar Romero by Kevin Clarke: $15
Contemplative Prayer by Thomas Merton: $14
Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer: $15
Cheyenne Autumn by Mari Sandoz: $17
Angels for Kids by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle: $15
Easter Story by Solveig Muss: $3
Christmas Story by Solveig Muss: $3
Peace of Heart by John Kirvan: $10
Small Things with Great Love by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle: $10
A Retreat with Mark by Stephen C. Doyle O.F.M.: $9
A Retreat with Matthew by Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M.: $10

More Books

5th Bookshelf, 1st Shelf

Everything is Grace by Joseph F. Schmidt: $18
Complete Introduction to the Devout Life by Fr. John Julian, O.J.N.: $30
Sory of a Soul, St. Therese of Lisieux by Robert J. Edmonson: $21
Elizabeth of the Trinity by Sr. Giovanna Delia Croce, O.C.D., translated by Julie Enzler: $16
The Way of Perfection (We have Heaven within Ourselves) by St. Teresa of Avila, foreword by Paul Huston: $16
Way of Perfection 500th Anniversary Edition 1515-2015 by St. Teresa of Avila, foreword by Paul Huston: $16
The Way of Perfection by St. Teresa of Avila, foreword by Paul Huston: $16
The Way of Perfection foreword by E. Allison Peers: $16
The Way of Perfection foreword by Kieran Kavanaugh: $16
Collected Words of St. Teresa of Avila by Kieran Kavanaugh: $20
Walking the Little Way of St. Therese of Lisieux by Joseph F. Schmit: $15
The Book of Her Foundation, St. Theresa of Avila by Marc Foley: $23
Catechism of The Catholic Church 2nd Edition: $25
My Daily Catholic Bible (NAB): $31
Catholic Prayer Bible: $30
New American Bible: $7
Complete and Updated Catechism of the Catholic Church: $10

2nd Shelf

Complete Julian of Norwich by Fr. John Julian, O.J.N.: $30
Confessions of St. Augustine, foreword by Fr. Henniger: $18
Humble Thyself Before the Lord by Thomas A. Kempis and Br. Lawrence:
Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers by Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove: $15
The Hearts Desire by James M. Houston: $25
Philokalia Vol. 2 by Phillip Sherrard and Kallistos Ware: $21
Philokalia Vol. 3 by Phillip Sherrard and Kallistos Ware: $19
Philokalia Complete Text by Phillip Sherrard and Kallistos Ware: $21