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give online Our Monastery Gift Shop is now online. This page is under construction. We will have items up very soon.

We will have a menu of items prepared complete with pictures hopefully soon. As you may have noticed, we are slowly getting pictures with items up for sale. For more information or if you want to make a purchase for what we have, email us at

or call us at 1 (505) 757-2292 ext. 201

Our hours are Tuesday-Saturday 9:00-3:00 (with lunch break between 12:30-1:00)

Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey Gift Ship

Here we have our handmade Soaps and Immaculate Waters Bath Bombs. Flavors and prices listed below.

Bath Bombs $5:

Soaps $7:
Tea Tree Oil
Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil
Lavender and Tea Tree Oil

This is our section dedicated to St. Benedict. Prices listed below.

Holy Water Bottle: $10
St. Benedict Wall Medal: $15
St. Benedict Medals: $0.25-$2 (depends on size and type similar to coins, also comes in silver or gold)
St. Benedict Mug: $10
Jerusalem Cross Necklace: $10
St. Benedict Earrings (Both short and long): $5
St. Benedict Bracelet (black or multi-colored): $5
St. Benedict Holy Water Font: $15
St. Benedict Rosaries: $8
St. Benedict Rosary Bracelet: $4-$5, depending on type
St. Benedict Medal Magnet: $8
St. Benedict Rosary Pouch: $8
St. Benedict Rosary box: $15
Benedictine Crucifix: $5
St. Benedict plaque (small): $50
St. Benedict plaque (large): $60
St. Benedict Prayer Card + Small Statue: $5
St. Benedict Rosary finger: $1
St. Benedict scapular: $4
St. Benedict Rosary cross: $0.50
St. Benedict medal Necklace: $10

This table consists of Crosses, Crucifixes, Pictures, and other Misc. for your home.

Small Plague with Stand: $10


Our Family, small wood: $15
God Bless, large wood: $13
Gather Together, large wood: $20
Faith Looks Up, large wood: $20
We Will Serve The Lord, large wood: $20
Glass Cross Joyful Spirit: $30


Metal, medium gold: $35
Wood, large: $30
Ceramic, large: $40

All Last Supper plagues: $40

Pictures for the Wall

Marriage Prayers: $20
Christ Head of the Household: $10
All That Matters Comes From Above: $35


Bracelets: $10
Holy Mother Earrings: $5
Homemade Rosaries, large: $3 (Colors Include Black, Hunter Green, Forest Green, White, Grey, Blue, Tan, Red, Burgundy, and Brown)

Mugs: $10

Call or email us for what kind of mugs. We have mugs towards family, friends, and encouraging messages all for $10. We also have mugs dedicated to your father on Father's Day. Some of the mugs also have their own coaster lids at no extra charge.

This section contains blank journals, pens, and the Marriage Prayer.

Blank Journals (Large) $5-$10:
St. Joseph Cover $10
Immaculate Conception Cover $10
Our Lady of Guadalupe Cover $10
Benedictine Cover $10
"You are a blessing." Cover $5

Hand Journals (Different Covers listed below, all at the same price): $3

You are beautiful (Psalm 139:14), precious (Proverbs 31:10), and chosen (John 15:16).
"The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in His goodness, sends to us day after day." (St. Gianna Beretta Molla)
Count Your Blessings

Pens (Different types listed below): 4$-$5

St. Joseph Measuring Pen + Bookmark ($5)
Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry ($5)
Nativity Pen ($5)
Jewel Encased Pen; comes in grey, red, and green ($5)
Regular Pen with case ($4)

Marriage Prayer Picture ($20)

This table has a selection of Crystals, Body Care, and other essentials.

Immaculate Waters Body Lotion and Bath Showers (Flavors include Rose, Lavender, and Unscented): $10
Magnets: $2
Decals (Benedict Medals, Sacred Heart of Jesus, or St. Joseph): $10
Rosary: $6
Glow in the Dark Rosary: $0.25
Rosaries with Boxes: $8, $10, $12, $15
Thumb Rosary (wood or stainless steel): $1
Scapular: $1, $5, $6
Healing Stones: $5

1 Standing Flower made of silver gold: $15
2 Med. Flower $12
3 Silver Flower Pot: $12
3 Gold Flower Pot: $12
Sm. Gold or Silver Flower: $10
High Heel: $8
Butterfly: $10
Dragonfly: $10

Rosary Pouch: $4, $12
Fan: $4, $7
Dog and Cat Medals: $4
Large Animal Medal: $5
Chains (Gold and Silver, short and long, and with or without clasp): $2

This table has a selection of statues, printed art, and medals (prices listed below)

Small Candles: $2

Statue prices listed below:

Sacred Heart Statue: $80
St. Jude: $10
St. Joseph, small: $5
St. Joseph, big: $20
Jesus the Good Shepherd: $20
Immaculate Heart of Mary and other statues of Mary: $50

Holy Water Fonts: $5, $10, $15, $20, $25
Holy Water Bottles: $3, $5

Angel Statues (Wood or Tin): $15, $20, $30, $40, $50

Printed Artwork: $10, $25, $30

Key Holders: $15

Medals: $0.50, $1, $2

Sr. Catherine Doll: $50

Easter Mug: $10

Baby and Children Items and Books


Happy Birthday Christmas Child by Laura Sausi: $9
The Dot We Call Home by Laura Alery: $18
St. Francis and the Animals by Phil Gallery: $18
Look and Learn Words for Catholic Kids by Casey Pawelek: $18
Wolf! Wolf! Children's Playbook by Caroline Rackley: $10
Mother and Child ever ancient ever new by Christine Granger: $19
A Happy Child of God, A Baby Record Book by Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J.: $10

Hail Mary Picture: $5
Baptism Crib Medal: $10
Baby Gift Ornament: $7
Lessons From a Llama plague: $20
Hold My Hand, God plague: $20
Be a Butterfly plague: $20
Children's Rosary (Blue or Pink): $3
Rosary Booklet for Children: $0.75
Crib Medals: $9
Baptism Bibs: $10
Purificators: $10
Rosary + Box: $3
Baptism Cross: $15, $20

This section has our traveling essentials.

Patron Saint Magnets: $3
Magnetic Plaques: $3

Novena Booklets: $3 (Including Guardian Angel, Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Holy Family, Our Lady of Lourdes, Divine Mercy, Infant of Prague, Sacred Heart, Holy Spirit, St. Gerard, St. Anne, St. Pio, St. Anthony, St. Peregrine, St. Patrick, St. Michael, and St. Jude).

Cards and Bookmarks:

Prayer Cards: $0.30
Protected Bookmarks: $1
Bookmarks: $0.25

Traveling Booklets

Healing Prayer booklets: $2
El Pan de Cada Dia: ($12)
Pocket Prayer book (large): $6
Our Lady's Rosary Novena: $8
Sacred Heart of Jesus (Espanol): $2
El Santo Rosario Ilustrado (small): $2
El Santo Rosario Ilustrado (large): $5


Divine Mercy: $2
Mother and Child Picture: $13
Jesus (small): $0.25
Jesus (medium): $1
Laughing Jesus: $4

This wall has our cutting boards. Prices listed between $20-$25.

Rosaries ($4, $5, $6, $10, $20), Measuring Spoons ($14), and Tote Bags ($4)

Here we have Bracelets ($12) and Car Rosaries ($10).

Here we have Water Bottles and Father's Day Gifts

Water Bottles

Ice Filtered: $7
Straw: $5

Dip Mix: $3 (Sweet or Spicy)

Father's Day Gifts

Flashlight With St. Joseph Prayer Card: $5
Man of God Pen: $5
Prayer Bookmark: $0.50
Pocket Knife: $5
Mugs with Coasters: $10
Large Mugs: $15

These shelves contain columns pertaining to 1st Communion

1st Communion

Gift Set (boy or girl): $10
Stuffed Bear: $10
Bracelet, 1st Reconciliation: $3
Bracelet, 1st Communion: $5
1st Communion Giftset: $15
Rosary Pouches: $4
Rosary (Boy or Girl): $10
Gift Bags with Cards and Tissue: $5


Symbol for Garden: $10
Heart Pin: $10
Metal Rock Shape for Garden: $24

These Pictures shown here are Works of Art Either Printed or Donated

Prices Range from $10, $25, $50, $80, $90, $100