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For us our monastic office is the foundation of our life, it is the prayer of the church, and we unite ourselves with all who are praying.
Our day begins and ends with prayer - as monks have done throughout the centuries. Our prayer life helps carry us through the day - Sext is a special time for a moment of rest in the middle of the work day, and Compline, at the end of the day, helps bring us to a place of reconciliation with the Lord and one another, as we prepare to move to our cells for the night. We rest with God, and rise the following day to begin a new.

Thomas Merton said:

"Hence monastic prayer, especially meditation and contemplative prayer, is not so much a way to find God as a way of resting in him whom we have found, who loves us, who is near to us, who comes to us to draw us to himself.”

Our monastic prayer schedule:

Monday - Saturday:
Rising Bell: 5:30 am
Vigils: 6:15
Lauds: 7:00 am
Mass: 7:30 am
Sext:12:10 pm
Rosary: 4:20 pm
Vespers: 5:00 pm
Compline: 7:15 pm
Great Silence begins at 8:00 pm

Rising Bell: 5:30am
Vigils: 6:00 am
Lauds: 7:00 am
Mass: 9:30 am
Rosary: 4:20
Vespers: 5:00 and Benediction
Compline in private/Great Silence begins