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give online Pastel Art Retreat: Building a Foundation
Building a Foundation with Pastels
All-Inclusive 4 night retreat with a full three day pastel workshop. Fee includes professional instruction, a private room with bath, and three healthy meals per day. This workshop is ideal for beginning students.

Tobi Clement, professional award-winning pastel artist, guides this four night, three day workshop in the tranquil environment of the Pecos Benedictine Monastery. July 28 through August 1, 2021.

The three-day intensive workshop is a perfect way to build a strong foundation of knowledge that will be a solid start into the creative world of painting with pastels.

Tobi's demos will be high energy and short so you can spend more time will be spent working, not watching. There will be hands-on exercises that provide the opportunity to experiment and apply the information taught. All completed exercise sheets can be saved in your notebooks for future reference. Two days will be spent working indoors and the last day will be spent outdoors painting “en plein air” on the monastery grounds so you can put your knowledge to work while being mentored throughout the process.

Accommodations include four nights, private room and bath, with meals included.
Total cost for accommodations and workshop: $796.64. 

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"Who knew that Pastels could be so complex, varied, and adventurous. All the different texture of the papers and the vast panorama of the variety of the pastels themselves, was explained and demonstrated with clarity, wit, and charm, by our talented instructor, Tobi Clement. The Monastery provided us with a tranquil environment to explore our creativity. What a delightful opportunity, and one that I hope to build upon in the months to come. I’m looking forward to another workshop and a reunion with our group sometime soon in the future." Jaqui Gillen