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Superior's Message

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Peace to you all and I hope you are doing well. Here we are now in the holy season of Lent. It is a special time of the year that our church gives us, in order that we might do our penance and be attentive to our Lenten observances, as we prepare ourselves for the celebration of Easter in six weeks.

We know that after his baptism in the Jordan river by St John the Baptist, Jesus separated himself from the world by going into the desert for forty days. This was a time of preparation for him - a time for him to be alone with God his Father, to be in 'communion' with God. Jesus had to prepare himself for the ministry he was about to undertake, a ministry full of compassion and love for those who were looked down upon, those who were neglected, those who were rejected by society, the ones who were cast out of the town.

Jesus came to into the world at a particular time in the history of the world, he was sent by God out of love for humanity. And that's what Jesus did - he showed love, he was love, he is love. Our world today needs love, our world today needs Jesus. As Christians it's part of our call to make manifest the love of Jesus in the world, sometimes in the smallest way, but God is at work even in that small moment, but perhaps even more so in the small moment of care and compassion to the other.

We also need time away from the world - we need time alone with God to re-charge ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Here at the monastery we will be offering our annual Holy Week Retreat - this year it will be directed by one of our Oblates Melinda D'Agrosa. All are welcome, you will find more information by going to the retreat schedule on the Home page, and on the drop down box click on Group Retreats. Our monks will also be involved in some of the presentation as usual. We look forward to seeing you here to prepare yourselves for the joyful celebration of Easter.

On a side note, our newsletter is in the process of being completed, we hope to have it ready to be sent out soon.

As always, I thank you for all you do for us, in so many ways, may the Lord reward you. You are remembered each day in our prayers and in the Mass. And I pray that you will have a blessed and holy Lent in preparation for the celebration of Easter.

In Christ,

Fr. Aidan, OSB oliv