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Oblate and Friends Retreat

August 25 - 27, 2017

A Man with a Mission

Marty Rotella is a man with a mission for the Church. This man is a good friend of mine. He is a songwriter and an on-fire evangelist. He calls it "Spirit Power"
Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR Host-Sunday Prime Time -ETWN

"Spirit Power" is music created to feed the soul. It is worship, prayer, reflection and healing: a way to help the inner-self encounter love. "Spirit Power" represents the journey of musicians/song writers Jules and Marty Rotella. Their inspired creations invite you on your own journey to experience the love of Jesus. The brothers make a great team. Marty is the singer/songwriter/evangelist who presents their music and message to diverse audiences. Jules is the producer, taking the music and Marty's vocals and creating the amazing sounds heard on their CDs and digital downloads on their website ( These songs contain the message of God's love, helping to foster compassion for others and a regard for personal worth.
Marty has presented the Gospel message of Jesus's love in forty-three states in addition to Australia, Europe, Central and South America and Canada. With over thirty years of ministry through teaching and motivational speaking, he has presented in churches, schools, conferences, and prisons.
The mission of "Spirit Power" is to bring the love of Jesus to as many individuals as possible.

Please join Marty Rotella at Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey for our annual Oblates and Friends Retreat.

The rates will be:

Single: $225.00
Married Couple: $375.00
Deposit: $75.00

Commuter: $95.00 (Saturday lunch included)

We always try to keep the rates as low as possible for everyone. Remember that the guest rooms have private bathrooms and the rate includes three delicious meals per day. There will be a welcome social the first night.

I invite you to come and share a weekend with us in this beautiful valley, where your heart, mind and spirit will be lifted up and you will leave feeling alive and refreshed.

Prior Aidan Gore, OSB oliv

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