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Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration

In this first book of his trilogy on Jesus of Nazareth Pope Benedict XVI speaks about the public life of Jesus. However, this book and this series are not simply one man’s academic commentary on the Scriptural references to Jesus.

Benedict approaches his work with an apostolic zeal. As he states much of modern biblical exegesis has “produced a common result: that we have very little certain knowledge of Jesus and that only at a later stage did faith in his divinity shape the image we have of him. This impression has by now penetrated deeply into the minds of the Christian people at large. This is a dramatic situation for faith, because its point of reference is being placed in doubt: Intimate friendship with Jesus, on which everything depends, is in danger of clutching at thin air.” (Foreword, xii) In this three-part series Benedict brings back the unity between the “Jesus of History” and the “Christ of Faith”.

As you work your way through this series you will learn much about modern biblical exegesis, both its strengths and its weaknesses, and also how a more sophisticated multi-faceted approach to exegesis brings to life the historical Jesus and shows him to be the Word made flesh who speaks to us today and grounds the faith that we profess.

As Benedict states, “This is the point around which I will construct my own book(s). Its sees Jesus in light of his communion with the Father, which is the true center of his personality; without it we cannot understand him at all, and it is from this center that he makes himself present to us still today.” (Foreword, xiv)

If you would like to learn more about Jesus, man and God, during His public life while on earth please sign up for this book study.

Who: Those interested in learning more about Jesus and His public ministry from the viewpoint of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Where: Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey Pecos, NM
When: To Be Decided
What: A book study/discussion group working through Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration by Pope Benedict XVI.

Presentations will be made by Br. Edmond on the forward, introduction and each of the ten chapters during two 1-hour morning sessions from Monday through Friday (i.e. 10 sessions total).

Afternoons and evenings may be spent by students reading the text, in group discussion and/or Q&A, or in prayer, meditation and reflection.

A new hardcover copy of the book and a softcover study guide will be available for purchase at the monastery bookstore. The cost of these required materials will be equal to the $25 monastery bookstore credit included in the price of the class.

Cost for Resident Participants:
One person per room:
$450.00 (includes classes, 5 nights lodging and 3 meals a day, light refreshments, handouts, and a $25 monastery bookstore credit sufficient to cover the cost of the two required texts.)

Cost for Commuters:
$75.00 (includes classes, light refreshments, handouts, and a $25 monastery bookstore credit sufficient to cover the cost of the two required texts.) + $8.00 for breakfast or supper + $12.00 for midday dinner (all meals optional).

Schedule of Jesus of Nazareth Book Study

3:00 pmCheck-In (You can arrive earlier but you may not be able to check into your rooms until this time.  More on that later.)
4:30 pmRosary
5:00 pmVespers with Benediction
5:40 pmWelcome Dinner (prepared by Fr. Aidan)
7:00 pmWelcome session and introduction
Monday through Friday
5:30 amRising Bell
6:00 amVigils
7:00 amLauds
7:30 amHoly Mass
8:10 amBreakfast (approx.)
9:15am – 10:15Early Morning Talk
10:45am – 11:45Mid-Morning Talk
12:00 pmMidday Prayer
12:15 pmDinner (major meal)

AfternoonRest, Recreation, Reading, Private Prayer, Q and A, or group discussion (all optional)
4:30 pmRosary
5:00 pmVespers       
5:30 pmSupper
6:30-7:30pmEucharistic Adoration with Compline at 7:15pm (M-F)

By 10:00 am on Friday please vacate your rooms (unless staying for additional day(s)).
Friday talks will be given as normal. Retreatants can stay for dinner at midday and remain at the monastery through evening Vespers.
All prayer with the monastic community is optional

Schedule of Book Study Talks
Introductory TalkSunday evening after supper
NB The daily talks will be a selected presentation of material found in the following chapters.
Forward Monday(pp. ix-xxiv)
Introduction (pp. 1-8)
Chapter One: The Baptism of JesusTuesday(pp. 9-24)
Chapter Two: The Temptation of Jesus (pp. 25-45)
Chapter Three: The Gospel of the Kingdom of God (pp. 46-63)
Chapter Four: The Sermon on the MountWednesday(pp. 64-127)
Chapter Five: The Lord's Prayer(pp. 128-168)
Chapter Six: The DisciplesThursday(pp. 168-182)
Chapter Seven: The Message of the Parables(pp. 183-217)
Chapter Eight: The Principal Images of John's Gospel(pp. 218-286)
Chapter Nine: Two Milestones on Jesus' Way:
Peter's Confession and the Transfiguration
Friday(pp. 287-318)
Chapter Ten: Jesus Declares His Identity(pp. 319-355)

You can click on the following links to obtain details on each of the following book studies: