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Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives

Pope Benedict XVI completed his trilogy about Jesus of Nazareth by writing about the infancy narratives found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. As Dr. Thomas P. Harmon writes:

“Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives is an extraordinary conclusion to an extraordinary work. The fact that most of the themes Benedict has dealt with in his career show up in this little volume is a testament to the capaciousness of Benedict’s thought, but also to the degree to which his entire body of work is focused like a laser beam on the figure of Christ. One of the great virtues of the book is that it is so accessible without losing any depth. It can be read as a devotional aid, as an edifying book for recreational reading, or used in a theology course. In that respect, Pope Benedict’s book imitates its subject: Christ himself both suffers the little ones to come to him, and provides more than ample material for the greatest minds to ponder.”

If you would like to learn more about Jesus and His coming to earth as the eternal Word as you prepare for His coming at Christmas please sign up for this book study.

Who: Those interested in learning more about Jesus and His coming to earth as a little child as seen from the viewpoint of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Where: Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey Pecos, NM
When: Sunday, November 26 through Friday, December 1, 2017
What: A book study/discussion group working through Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives by Pope Benedict XVI.

Presentations will be made by Br. Edmond on the introduction and each of the four chapters and the epilogue during two 1-hour morning sessions from Monday through Friday (i.e. 10 sessions total).

Afternoons and evenings may be spent by students reading the text, in group discussion and/or Q&A, or in prayer, meditation and reflection.

A new hardcover copy of the book and handouts outlining each section of the book will be provided at no additional charge.

Participants will also receive a complimentary Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey journal /notebook.

Cost for Resident Participants:
One person per room:
$475.00 (includes 5 nights lodging and 3 meals day, light refreshments, and book and handouts)
Two people per room: $425.00 (includes 5 nights lodging and 3 meals day, light refreshments, and books and handouts for each person)

Cost for Commuters:
$50.00 for book, handouts, light refreshments + $10.00 for lunch or supper + $15.00 for midday dinner (meals optional).
Schedule of Jesus of Nazareth Book Study

3:00 pmCheck-In (You can arrive earlier but you may not be able to check into your rooms until this time. More on that later.)
4:30 pmRosary
5:00 pmVespers with Benediction
5:40 pmWelcome Dinner (prepared by Fr. Aidan)
7:00 pmWelcome session and introduction

Monday through Friday
5:30 amRising Bell
6:00 amVigils
7:00 amLauds
7:30 amHoly Mass
8:10 amBreakfast (approx..)
9:15am – 10:15Early Morning Talk
10:45am – 11:45Mid-Morning Talk
12:00 pmMidday Prayer
12:15 pm Dinner (major meal)

Afternoon Rest, Recreation, Reading, Private Prayer, Q and A, or group discussion (all optional)
4:30 pm Rosary(4:00pm Thurs.)
5:00 pm Vespers(4:30pm Thurs.)
5:30 pm Supper(5:00pm Thurs.)
6:30-7:30pmEucharistic Adoration with Compline at 7:15pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) (On Thursday Adoration and Compline would be optional)
By 10:00 am on Friday please vacate your rooms (unless staying for additional day(s)).
Friday talks will be given as normal. Retreatants can stay for dinner at midday and remain at the monastery through evening Vespers.
All prayer with the monastic community is optional

Schedule of Book Study
Introductory TalkSunday after dinner
Introduction and ForwardMonday, Talk 1
Chapter One: “Where are You From?”Monday, Talk 2
Chapter Two: The Annunciation of John the BaptistTuesday, Talk 1
Chapter Two: The Annunciation of JesuTuesday, Talk 2
Chapter Three: The Birth of Jesus (part 1Wednesday, Talk 1
Chapter Three: The Birth of Jesus (part 2)Wednesday, Talk 2
Chapter Four: The Wise Men from the EastThursday, Talk 1
Chapter Four: The Flight into EgyptThursday, Talk 2
Epilogue: The twelve year old Jesus in the TempleFriday, Talk 1
ConclusionFriday, Talk 2