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Mission Statement

We, as members of Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey, follow the Rule of St. Benedict in our daily lives. We also follow the Constitutions of our Olivetan Founder St. Bernard Tolomei.

As professed members of the Roman Catholic Church, we follow her teachings.

Through our consecrated lives, our simple way of life, and our retreat ministry, we hope to bring prayer, healing, compassion and peace to the world as Jesus taught us.
Are we a perfect community? No we're not, but by the grace of God, we strive to do the best that we can each day to fulfill our mission, and to help build up the Kingdom of God on earth.

We open our doors for those who seek peace and refuge in a world caught up in change. According to the Rule of St Benedict, we strive to live in a manner of life that bears witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ and his mission on earth. We pray for the world and its concerns, and ask the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe in all things, that she may guide us all and fill us with her grace.