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Monastery News

Safety for us all:

We have just completed installing a new fence on the right side of the monastery gate - it extends all the way along the east side of the guest house area. The original fence was very much in need of replacement - so we now have a new fence which secures us, but also looks attractive and is by no means an eye sore! The beautiful view of the meadow is still possible from the road, and this is what I wanted.
The next phase of renovation are the two buttresses supporting the gate. They have deteriorated considerably, so we will be raising the hight of each one and redoing the stucco.
After this is done, we will be installing a new fence on the south side of the gift shop, and it will extend all the way up the hill toward the hermitages. The current gate on that side will be replaced with a new one to add more security to that side of the property. All in all, it will be a job well done and much needed.


We are now looking into the need of renovating the Monastic Chapel. As many of you know - this is something that has been on our wish list for a long time. A significant part of the roof continues to deteriorate, as does the north facing wall. So, after Contractor Solutions finishes the work in the guest rooms, I will sit down with Anthony and an architect to talk about the possibility/reality/hope of the Chapel being renovated.

An initial estimate from Anthony is $120.000.00. I need to figure our how to get the funds to do this work, and I ask you to keep this intention in your prayers. If we are able to extend the chapel, and literally raise the roof and put a new one on, it would give us a real sacred sanctuary and a real monastic choir area - it would be so lovely, so please do pray for us, and I will keep you updated.

Update: This project has been put on hold due to the coronavirus issue and the financial implications it has caused. All of our retreat groups have canceled up to the beginning of August - so we wait until things improve.

More news as it becomes available - God bless you all.