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Monastery News

Dear Friends, Benefactors and all those who knew Fr. Bob.

We thank all of you who have sent messages of condolence to the community after the death of Fr Bob Lussier. Mass of Christian burial was celebrated at the monastery on Saturday April 27th at 10:30 am, with internment in the monastic cemetery. We estimate there were about 100 people in attendance for the funeral. Fr Bob loved, and was loved, by so many. We thank you for being here with us during this difficult moment.

Two of Fr. Bob's nieces and two cousins were here and we were grateful for their presence with us. As we mourn Fr. Bob, we hold onto the wonderful memories of his life and all that he did for so many people. He is missed by all.

We thank Berardinelli Funeral Home in Santa Fe for all they did, for their graciousness and gentle presence. They helped ease the burden of the loss in so many ways.

As a Community we pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Bob, and we look forward to the day when we can once again be in his presence, singing forever the praises of the angles in Heaven.

May he rest in peace...

2019 Newsletter

We have received very good feedback from some of you who received our newsletter that was mailed out just in time for Holy Week. We thank you for your appreciation in what really is a 'labor of love'. As a community, we are all involved with the printing, folding, sealing, addressing etc.
I suppose one could say it is always a work in progress - we try to make it interesting and informative for you. Should you decide not to receive it, please let us know so we can update our mailing list.

May God bless you all....

Work around the property

The work on the guest house was completed and looks good - new windows new outside doors, and new paint inside and out. We are grateful to the Catholic Foundation of Albuquerque from whom we received a Grant to help with the cost of the work, and we thank Independent Contractor Solutions of Santa Fe (and you Anthony) who did the work.
We are so happy with the work, that we have engaged Contractor Solutions again to replace all the old sinks in the guest rooms with new vanities, faucets, piping etc. This should take a couple of weeks to complete. Again, it is a work in progress, there always seems to be something to be done, all for the comfort of our guests.


We are now looking into the need of renovating the Monastic Chapel. As many of you know - this is something that has been on our wish list for a long time. A significant part of the roof continues to deteriorate, as does the north facing wall. So, after Contractor Solutions finishes the work in the guest rooms, I will sit down with Anthony and an architect to talk about the possibility/reality/hope of the Chapel being renovated.

An initial estimate from Anthony is $120.000.00. I need to figure our how to get the funds to do this work, and I ask you to keep this intention in your prayers. If we are able to extend the chapel, and literally raise the roof and put a new one on, it would give us a real sacred sanctuary and a real monastic choir area - it would be so lovely, so please do pray for us, and I will keep you updated.

More news as it becomes available - God bless you all.