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Our Lady of Guadalupe abbey depends upon the generosity of our friends and benefactors. Some supporters have suggested that they would be interested in helping to fund specific projects. At this time our needs include:
  • Building Maintenance - Parts of the main building are over 100 years old. Maintaining, upgrading and bringing our buildings up to code is an ongoing process.
  • Grounds Keeping - This includes low-water and low-maintenance landscaping and road maintenance.
  • Agriculture - This includes the greenhouse and vegetable gardens, and recovery of the acequia system and planting of fodder crops in our meadows.
  • Forestry - The Abbey assists the State of New Mexico in their fire mitigation efforts. Our work protects Abbey property and the Village of Pecos.

All non-directed contributions go into our General Fund and are applied as needed.

Here are some of the projects where your contributions are needed.
Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance