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Dear Friends, Benefactors, and all good people who help us,

As many of you know, we depend so much on the generosity of our friends and benefactors, and we thank all those who have helped us over the years. We receive many surprises - sometimes a plate of cookies, or a cake, or a load of wood - you help us so much and we thank you.

This is an old property - and there always seems to be something in need of repair. The main building dates to the early 1900's, and shows signs of its age in various ways.

Currently we have the following projects/needs that we are in need of funds to repair, maintain,restore etc:

The stucco on the main building is in need of repair. It was re-stuccoed about 6 years ago, but unfortunately the quality of the work was not good, and it is showing signs of deterioration. It is mostly the front of the building which has the southern exposure and suffers from the heat of the sun un summer, and the rain and snow in the fall and winter. The stucco is pealing and flaking, and the parapets are crumbling.

The short walls on either side of the front gate also need to be re-stuccoed. We would also like to erect a fence along the north side to give better security to the guest house and our guests who stay with us. The fence would be such that it would be pleasing to the eye, as well as an added security.

The parking area and gravel area between the main building and the Dove needs to be re-paved. There are more pot holes, uneven surfaces, it gets very muddy after snow or rain, and is unsafe, and is very unsightly. I would have he contractor tie the new black top in with the existing black top that was redone some years ago and is still holding up.
The road up to the hermitages also needs work - black top probably would be the best solution and make it safer for guests who stay up there in the winter.

Window cranks/fixtures need replacing in the windows in the Tolomei Center and the Hermitages. The window frames are actually okay - its just the cranks that are used for opening and closing the windows that are not working. Some of them are broken and the windows cannot be opened at all.

We are currently in the process of securing bids from our contractor for the work. If you are able to help us, please do let me know. The contractor I have been using has already done work on the guest house which has been a huge improvement. He is a good man and very dedicated to us.

On a bigger note: I am currently in the process of working with the contractor and an architect drawing up plans to remodel the monastic chapel. Those of you who have seen it will know it is in great need of repair - the roof is showing more signs of cracks and is loosing its stability, and the north facing wall continues to leak and crumble. Something has to be done sooner rather than later for the safety of us all and the guest that come here. As this is such a huge project I am applying for a construction loan from our Bank to fund the work. I'm taking it all to prayer and moving forward as the Lord inspires and directs me.

If you can help in any way, please do contact me,

Thank you so very much, and God bless you.

Abbot Aidan, OSB

505 757 6415 office ext 102

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance