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Dan Schneider presents"The Blessed Virgin Mary"

July 13-15

Please join us for a few days with Mary as Dan takes us on a journey into the life of Mary. Some of the areas of Mary's life that he will share with us will be:

  1. A Mother's Heart: Mary - A Modern Message
  2. Woman, Mother, and Eve
  3. Mary's Fiat, her "Yes to the Angel and the Ark of the Covenant
  4. The Queenship of Mary: Mary - Her Role in the Spiritual Life
  5. The Rosary and Consecration: the Crowning of Marian Devotion

We all love Mary, she is the Mother of Jesus and she is our mother too. Come to the beautiful valley of Pecos and share some time with the Lord, and with Mary the Mother of God as Dan unfolds for us the story of such a Blessed Mother.

Dan is a Benedictine oblate who has been involved in teaching and evangelization in the Catholic Church for over fifteen years, and has a particular zeal for Sacred Scripture and out Lady. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and has a Master's Degree in Theology form the Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is a former amateur boxer, U.S. Army helicopter pilot and Iraq war veteran who teaches who both humor and practical experience. He is currently working on his PhD in Mariology from the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, England, and works and resides in Las Cruces, NM with his wife and three children.

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