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A message from Abbot Aidan,

Peace to you.
We invite men who are interested in following the call from God to leave the world and enter religious life to contact us. Come and see!
We are happy to have a new member in community - Thomas who is a postulant. We have an observer Jordan, and we have another man, Joshua, who is wanting to come. So we thank God for these good men.

Monastic life is not necessarily for everyone. But for those who are called and follow that call, it can be a very rewarding life. We are like any family with the ups and downs of daily life, but the foundation is God and the Rule of St Benedict which we follow.

We are situated on almost one thousand acres in the Pecos wilderness, with a lake, and the Pecos river that flows through our property. It truly is a beautiful spot, and God is present.

Is the Lord calling you? If so please contact me at 505 757 6415 ext: 102

May God bless you and guide you,

Abbot Aidan, OSB oliv